Terra Bike Lanes™

TERRA BIKE LANES ~ Bike Lanes Surfacing and Finish


• Visible and Sturdy Bike Lanes

• High-quality, cost-effective solution for increasing visibility of bike lanes

• Finishes with a neat and uniform appearance

TERRA BIKE LANES (TBL) is a polymer-based ready-mix to be applied to asphalt or concrete surfaces. As a non-petroleum-based product, TERRA BIKE LANES evaporates only water during the curing process, thus emitting no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere. TBL is solvent-free and environmentally friendly and will enrich, maintain, and strengthen pavement surfaces without causing damage. Additionally, unlike other surfacing operations that often use concrete sealants, TBL provides a flexible, less brittle layer when compared to concrete-based surfacing.

TBL Detailed s

Detail of TBL Yellow


Some effective uses of TERRA BIKE LANES include the following:

• To improve visibility of bike lanes

• To restore skid resistance

• To improve safety of bikers

• To distinguish bike lanes from other lanes

• To coat loose surface particles

Use of TERRA BIKE LANES as a surface treatment reduces deterioration caused by weathering, raveling, and oxidation. TERRA BIKE LANES provides good skid resistance and reduces entry of air or water into pavement, and increases visibility of the pavement surface at night.

Colored bike lanes have been proven to increase the safety of cyclists in a number of different ways. A study conducted on colored bike lanes in Sweden reported a 20% increase in safety per cyclist, while a similar study in Denmark revealed that bike-motor vehicle collisions decreased by 38% and fatalities or serious injuries from such crashes decreased by 71%. A 1996 study in Montreal, Quebec reported that cyclists used bike lanes with more caution after colored markings were installed in addition to a significant increase in the number of cyclists following the marked bicycle-traffic path. In the United States, a report on the effect of colored bike lanes installed throughout the city of Portland demonstrated an increase in motorists yielding to bicycle traffic and an overall decrease in traffic conflicts between cyclists and motorists.

TERRA BIKE LANES is available in a distinctive green or red for use in surfacing bike lanes. TERRA BIKE LANES can help ensure the safety of bicyclists by effectively distinguishing bike lanes and minimizing traction loss through its corrective features.

TBL Before IMG_6967

TBL applied over highly cracked concrete and asphalt crosswalk.


TBL After IMG_6975

Finished project of TBL


TERRA BIKE LANES is easy to use Ready-Mix to apply. There are no special handling procedures or equipment for using TBL. Installation is as easy as evenly distributing the five-gallon container.

 Under appropriate conditions, traffic disruptions can be minimized, as TERRA BIKE LANES requires a short curing time and can handle rolling traffic in less than an hour after application in good weather.

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