Collingsworth County, Texas – Terra Fog

Posted on Jul 11, 2013

Collingsworth County, Texas – Terra Fog

Terra Fog application on Collingsworth County Rest Areas

Collingsworth County Rest Area Pavement Repair


On Tuesday, July 2, 2013, ICA performed pavement preventive maintenance on Collingsworth County Rest Areas with Terra Fog from Terra Pave International.

Terra Fog is a special polymer. Other materials used include limestone base screenings (dust to 3/8”) and masonry sand.


Collingsworth County Rest Area is located on US 83 approximately 37 miles North of Childress Texas. It includes approximately 1450 feet of roads from 21’‐35’ wide. There were a number of previous repairs that appear to be hot mix asphalt pavement probably 10 years old or older. Some of the old repairs are substantially alligator cracked.

Other Repair and Fog Seal Areas Procedures

Alligator cracked areas were blown out and the area cleaned of debris. A diluted mixture of 2 parts water and 1 part. TF was sprayed on area . Cracks were filled with limestone base screenings and the area was squeegeed to coat the aggregate with TF and to fill the cracks. Larger aggregate was removed. The same procedure was used on other area, but the aggregate used was a washed masonry sand. The finer sand was easier to squeegee into the cracks and to make smooth, but may take longer to cure since the aggregate does not absorb water like the base material. The whole area was then sprayed with a mixture of 1 part water to 2 parts TF as a fog seal. Fog seal areas were just coated with TF diluted 1W :2TF

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Click below to view a report on the pavement repairs conducted in the Collingsworth County Rest Area using Terra Fog.

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