Engineering Properties of Prime Coats Applied to a Granular Base

Posted on Apr 12, 2013

Engineering Properties of Prime Coats Applied to a Granular Base

By: Gouri Mohan, Kenneth H. Stokoell, and Mustafa B. Erten

This study measured the strength and permeability of six prime coats: MC-30, AEP, EC-30, CSS-1H, SS-1H, and Terra Prime. It also evaluated the effects of two application methods: mixing the prime coats into, and spraying them onto, the base course of crushed limestone. Additionally, it tested the penetration of the prime coats into reference sand. This study found that the best-performing prime coat is Terra Prime, followed by MC-30.

This study concluded the following:

• The dry strength of Terra Prime is five times greater than that of the other prime coats.

Additionally, the wet strength of Terra Prime is not significantly lower than its dry strength, whereas the wet strength of the other prime coats is significantly lower than their dry strength.

• Mixing the prime coat into, rather than spraying it onto, the base course decreased the permeability of water. MC-30 and Terra Prime exhibited the lowest permeability rates.

• EC-30 achieved the greatest penetration into the reference sand, followed by MC-30 and Terra Prime. CSS-1H and SS-1H achieved significantly less penetration, instead forming a sticky surface coat.

• Terra Prime performed the best overall, followed by MC-30.