Terra Pave Featured in the Austin Business Journal

Posted on Aug 12, 2012

Terra Pave Featured in the Austin Business Journal

By Sandra Zaragoza, Austin Business Journal
Photo: Austin Business Journal

A University of Texas-backed startup has developed a more environment-friendly alternative to a common paving material, and it has raised $1.65 million from investors to help it crack the multibillion-dollar road construction industry.

Terra Pave International Inc.—founded by Andres Jackson—is the company behind Terra Prime, the primary use of which bonds the loose bottom layer of road material before asphalt is laid.

The founders are touting it to replace MC-30, a type of cutback asphalt prepared by mixing asphalt cement with a petroleum-based solvent. MC-30’s use has raised environmental concerns among engineers—including danger from breathing its fumes, water pollution, and fire—that has prompted some states to ban it and others, including Texas, to limit its use…

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